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SVEN 316

  • Speaker system is compatible with PCs, DVD/Media-players, mobile devices and other sound sources
  • USB-powered (via PC/laptop USB port or 5V DC power supply)
  • Compact design
  • Volume control
  • Glossy black surface
  • Power LED
  • Plastic speaker cabinets
Technical Specifications
Output power (RMS), W
4 (2 × 2)
Frequency range, Hz
100 – 20,000
Loudspeaker dimensions, mm
Ø 44
Magnetic shielding
Power supply
USB / DC 5 V
Case material
ABS plastic
Dimensions, mm
87 × 125 × 87
Weight, kg
Life time
2 years

Imagine that you’ve invited guests! You’ve cooked the meal, settled the meeting time! The time has come, everybody is here: joy, smiles, laughter. You are having a lively discussion of fun situations at your work or argue about the best film of the month. And at the background there is excellent music, like a soundtrack. It seems to unite people, creating a single space. Such a party won’t make anyone yawn and be bored. It’ll go off with a bang!

These speakers can be used in the office, too. For instance, if you have an important presentation ahead and need musical accompaniment. This set will help you turn a plain report into a spectacular performance.

You can place the speakers into a bag and carry them with your portable computer, notebook, MP3 player or smartphone. The system is powered via a USB port from your sound source or a power adapter (not included into the package). As the saying goes, just a sleight of hand and no fraud: take SVEN 316 out of the box, connect it – and the system is ready to operate!

Don’t be misled: with the miniature size the output power of the model is 4W. The speakers play music of various genres equally well, and render all the sound effects in movies and video games! On the front panel there is a volume control knob and a power LED. You don’t have to use a computer to adjust the volume in the speakers.

Bright design is another reason why this system draws attention. Glossy black surface of the speaker cabinets, yellow driver rims – this speaker system looks like a glamour girl going to a party to enslave men’s hearts and catch their delighted glances.