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SVEN 247

  • Speaker system is compatible with PCs, DVD/Media-players, mobile devices and other sound sources
  • U.S.S. (Ultra Sound System) – built-in bridge amplifier
  • Powered via a USB port
  • Volume control
  • Headphone and microphone jacks
Technical Specifications
Output power (RMS), W
4 (2 × 2)
Frequency range, Hz
90 – 20,000
Loudspeaker dimensions, mm
Ø 76
Magnetic shielding
Power supply
Case material
Dimensions, mm
85 × 115 × 81
Weight, kg
Life time
2 years

If to look more attentively to the evolution of electrodynamic loudspeakers, you can see that the presence of these devices in life of people was considerable at all times. In the first half of ХХ century, radio sets became the main source of information and listeners believed in it unconditionally. Of course, components, materials, functionality of devices, as well as preferences of users changed with the passage of time.

SVEN Company presented the reflection of the newest tendencies in the design of 2.0 class computer speakers, i.e. SVEN 247 speaker system. The appearance of speakers combines the gloss and chrome, the absence of acute angles and smooth rounded lines. The technical stuffing of the model is equally modern. With its compact dimensions the device produces the detailed saturated sound. Such result is achieved due to advanced assembly technologies and engineering solutions (for example, built-in bridge amplifier).

The “Роwer" button responsible for the model power supply, as well as the volume control, are located on the front panel of an active speaker for the comfort of a user. Jacks to connect headphones and a microphone are provided there as well. The model is connected to PC via USB port. This solution is very convenient taking into consideration the fact that there is always the shortage of sockets near a working table and you have to struggle to cope with a table lamp, printer and speakers.

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