SVEN Comfort 7400 EL

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    Have you ever noticed that some engineering solutions in the field of computer periphery can become a solution of many problems? For example, if we sit up very late at a computer, our kith and kin rightfully express their displeasure with healthy sleep and complaint of not getting enough sleep. What is to be done, if even a table lamp creates discomfort for the people, who go to bed on time? The answer is on the surface.

    SVEN Company presented SVEN Comfort 7400 EL keyboard with LED backlighting. In distinction to SVEN Comfort 7200 EL keyboard, characters are backlighted in this model only, but not the whole surface of keys. Pleasant, slightly dimmish backlighting colors (green and blue) do not tire your eyes. Characters on the typing layout and other auxiliary buttons are visible very clear and neatly, therefore a user keeps a possibility to work efficiently in a dark room or at nighttime. Well, after finishing your work, you can turn off the backlighting besides a PC – an appropriate button is designed in the keyboard. Let it rest… until tomorrow.

    Even when the keyboard is off it attracts the notice. Slim case design, gloss, mat surface – the combination of these features turns this input device into a stylish accessory on your desktop.

    SVEN Comfort 7400 EL has additional shortcut keys for office and internet applications, as well as to work with multimedia content.

    • Keyboard with individual backlighting of each key symbol
    • Two backlighting colors: blue and green
    • Backlighting on/off button
    • 12 Fn shortcut keys for Internet and Multimedia
    • Glossy surface
    Technical Specifications
    Keyboard type multimedia
    Communication technology wired
    OS compatibility Windows
    Keyboard layout Rus/Ukr/Eng
    Cyrillic alphabet layout Windows
    Number of keys, pcs 104
    Number of shortcut keys, pcs 12 Fn
    Interfacе USB
    Color of Cyrillic letters blue
    Enter key L-shaped
    Backspace key smaller
    Space key standard
    Keys contact membrane with tactile feedback
    Error-free running time, strokes more than 20,000,000
    Conformity to standards FCC, CE
    Dimensions, mm 455 × 20 × 155
    Weight, g 727
    Color black
    Life time 2 years
    Tests and reviews
    The Finnish company SVEN gained wide popularity thanks to its ever-improving line of inexpensive, but qualitative computer speaker systems. Today the company’s product range, besides speaker systems and headphones, includes other computer devices and accessories. Some of them are notable for peculiar a technical solution that is why we decided to get a closer look at them.
    Vitaly Krylov., January 2013.
    All three discussed SVEN manipulators cannot boast about any design «frills», we have modest workhorses, which do not claim to exclusiveness. But they execute their base functions properly adding to this some accessible levels of sensitiveness, noiseless mechanism of button pushing and convenient highlight. So if possibilities of the discussed SVEN peripherals coincide with your needs, it is worth to pay attention to this trinity.
    Nikolay Zemlianskiy., January 2013.
    The Finnish SVEN Company is known in Russia for a long time as a producer of audio devices and computer periphery. And if our attention is stably focused on the first sphere of the Company’s activity in recent years in our “Crystal Pure Sound” project, then the segment of periphery we did not cover just for a long time. Today we will meet a lack with three devices at once: RX-500 wireless optical mouse, Comfort 7400 EL wired multimedia keyboard and RX-525 wireless optical mouse.
    Nicolay Zemlyanskiy., January 2014.

    SVEN Comfort 7400 EL and SVEN Comfort 7600 EL keyboards – it is not only fashionably and brightly, first of all, it is convenient. It is the best way out for night owls, who like to sit at the computer in the dark, at that not turning on the light in the room and not disturbing the people around them. Maybe, not everybody likes night work, but, let us fairly admit, sometimes we have to work. Yearly projects, rush reports – how many things are done at nights while everybody at home sleeps peacefully in their beds.

    TECHLABS Team., January 2013.