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  • 3.5 mm (4 pin) connector for mobile devices
  • Call acceptance / Pause button
  • Tangle-free сable with braided fabric
  • Two additional pairs of spare earpads
  • Clip to fix the cable on garments
Technical Specifications
Headphones sensitivity, dB
96 ± 3
Microphone sensitivity, dB
–42 ± 3
Headphones frequency range, Hz
20 – 20 000
Microphone frequency range, Hz
100 – 10 000
Membrane, mm
Ø 10
Impedance, Ohm
Connector type
Ø 3.5 mm (4 pin) stereo mini jack
Cable length, m
Weight, g

SVEN SEB-190M headset with channel type stereo headphones and a microphone is a perfect choice for those who love bright accessories with a difference.

SVEN SEB-190M has an improved sound delivery system and is suitable for listening to music of any genre. Besides, it is simply indispensable for mobile users. The headphones cable has a telephone call pick-up button and a high-sensitivity microphone, which means that your words will never be lost amidst the big city bustle.

The designers did a good job to make the headphones durable and comfortable. The housing of SVEN SEB-190M is made of a special aluminum alloy. The flat tangle-free 1.2 m cable has a handy clip to fix it to clothing. The headphones come in with an extra set of replaceable silicon ear cushions that will individually fit almost any user. SEB-190M is suitable for long-term use and will be appreciated by fans of sports and outdoor activities: the headphones fit really tight and will never be accidentally lost.

The model is offered in two color schemes: black & red and silver & blue. SVEN SEB-190M is a great step to reinventing your image. What makes things even better is that the headset is one of the most affordable in the market.