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    SVEN Company presented SVEN AP-940MV and SVEN AP-945MV headsets with big cups for mobile devices. Audio signal is transmitted to the headset by means of 3.5 mm connector of a special design (4 pin), which was intentionally developed for commutation of headsets with smartphones and tablet PC. The flat cable of the headset is equipped with a microphone and multifunction button to control musical tracks during listening and to accept and terminate telephone calls.

    The models can be used jointly with a computer. There is an adapter for PC or notebook (2 × Ø 3.5 mm (3 pin)) in the package content of headsets. SVEN AP-940MV and SVEN AP-945MV are bright stylish accessories for mobile devices! The closed cup construction insulates external noise and provides maximum sound insulation, so these devices can be used in transport or out of doors. The ideally polished glossy surface reflects light and shines like a mirror.

    Both devices in the context of design have been made taking into account main tendencies of fashion progress for headphones and headsets: big cups, massive headband, luster shining, color accents on the background of classic black forms and strict lines. SVEN AP-940MV is presented in black-and-white and black-and-red colors. SVEN AP-945MV is presented in classic black color.

    • Microphone on the flat cable
    • Unilateral connection of the cable
    • 3.5 mm (4 pin) connector for mobile devices
    • Call acceptance / Pause button
    • 2 × Ø 3.5 mm (3 pin) microphone adapter for PC
    • Comfortable sitting
    Technical Specifications
    Headphones sensitivity, dB 105 ± 3
    Microphone sensitivity, dB -58 ± 2
    Headphones frequency range, Hz 18 – 20,000
    Microphone frequency range, Hz 30 – 16,000
    Membrane, mm Ø 40
    Impedance, Ohm 32
    Connection type wired
    Connector type Ø 3.5 mm stereo mini jack (4 pin)
    Cable length, m 1.2 + 1 (adapter for PC) (2 × Ø 3.5 mm (3 pin))
    Weight, g 215
    Color black-white, black-red
    Life time 2 years