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  • 2 × Ø 3.5 mm (3 pin) connector for PC
  • Unilateral connection of the cable
  • Antiallergenic ear cushions
  • Volume control on the left headphone
  • Adjustable headband
  • SVEN PNC passive noise canceling system
  • Heavy-duty non-tangling cable with fabric braid
Technical Specifications
Headphones sensitivity, dB
106 ± 2
Microphone sensitivity, dB
-48 ± 3
Headphones frequency range, Hz
18 – 22,000
Microphone frequency range, Hz
50 – 16,000
Membrane, mm
Ø 40
Impedance, Ohm
Connector type
2 × Ø 3.5 mm (3 pin) stereo mini-jack
Cable length, m
Weight, g
Life time
2 years

One of the features of SVEN AP-640 model is SVEN PNC passive noise canceling system due to which outside sounds are cut off. This effect is achieved due to the unique design of ear cushions and the case design developed by SVEN engineers.

The model is equipped with a heavy-duty cable and an adjustable headband, which enables each user to find and fix the optimal position of the headphones.

The ear cushions of SVEN AP-640 are made of antiallergenic materials, which makes them more durable. The volume control is located on the left ear cup for additional convenience. The combination of red color with black in the model’s design adds the exclusiveness to the model.

All models of the sixth series of SVEN headphones are notable for their moderate price while they have superb specifications and attractive design.