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    SVEN Company presents a single-socket UNO surge protector for individual protection of electrical appliances. This reliable and affordable device is able to protect any home equipment – from computers to home appliances, against impulse noise, short circuit and voltage jumps in the power supply network.

    SVEN UNO surge protector be notable for its high power of the total connected load – up to 3.6 kW as compared with 2.2 kW in most other models.

    SVEN UNO SVEN UNO is reliable and safe during operation – it is made of strong noncombustible plastic and equipped with the thermal protection function. The socket of the surge protector has a grounding contact and protection shutters.

    The model is produced in two colors – white and black.

    • Protection of home appliances and computers
    • Protection against lightning discharges
    Technical Specifications
    Rated voltage, V 220 / 230
    Operating frequency, Hz 50
    Connected load total power, kW < 3.6
    Maximum absorbed power, J 200
    Maximum absorbed current of pulse distortion, A 9000
    Output sockets CEE 7/4 grounded
    Thermoelectric cut-off fuse operating current, А > 16
    Color white, black
    Life time 2 years