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SVEN Standard 3G-3

  • Power 2.2 kW
  • Flexible strong cord
  • Peak current 10 A
  • Conductor material – pure copper 3 × 0.75 mm²
  • High-impact non-flammable plastic case
  • Three grounded CEE 7/4 sockets
Technical Specifications
Rated voltage, V
Operating frequency, Hz
Connected load total power, kW
not more than 2.2
Master switch of sockets
Individual switches of sockets
Input plug
CEE 7/7
Output sockets
3 × CEE 7/4
Modem line protection
Thermoelectric cut-off fuse operating current, А
Environmental temperature, °С
+10 to +70
Relative humidity, %
not more than 65
Cord length, m
1.5; 3; 5
Dimensions, mm
54 × 40.5 × 167
Life time
2 years

Electricity, direct and alternating current, charged particles... For several centuries researchers and scientists racked their brains to solve the nature of those phenomena. Thanks to their endeavors that once frightening, mysterious phenomenon was curbed. Every second freely charged particles peacefully move over wires to serve our everyday different requirements in houses and offices.

SVEN Company presented a model of SVEN STANDARD 3G-3 power strip with three versions of 2, 3 and 5 meters long. They are designed to “extend” the power of electricity and to be useful at every corner of an apartment, cottage or office! You can connect up to three different devices simultaneously to elongators without fear of overloading the electrical supply network. You can leave an operating heater without any misgivings for twenty-four hours and more. More energy-intensive devices, for example, a perforator or saw do also well while operating jointly with SVEN STANDARD 3G-3.

The case is made of high-impact non-flammable plastic, therefore the model will be able to survive more “heavy” operating environment. It can be used not only at home, but for example, in a garage as well.

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