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SVEN Optima Base 5 sockets

  • Double-pole switch with the on-state light indication
  • Varistor protection against high-voltage discharges (lightnings and industrial interferences)
  • Automatic fuse for switching-off at overloads and short circuits
  • Both modern domestic and europlugs can be used due to outlet socket construction
  • Wall-mountable at any position
Technical Specifications
Output sockets
5 × СЕЕ 7/4
Rated voltage, V
Operating frequency, Hz
Connected load total power, kW
≤ 2.2
Maximum absorbed power, J
Maximum absorbed current of pulse distortion, A
Pulse distortion suppression, times
Noise attenuation on frequencies 1-100 MHz (dB), max
Master switch of sockets
available, double-pole
Individual switches of sockets
Input plug
СЕЕ 7/7
Modem line protection
Thermoelectric cut-off fuse operating current, А
Environmental temperature, °С
+10 to +70
Relative humidity, %
not more than 65
Cord length, m
1.8; 3.0; 5.0
Dimensions, mm
50 × 40 × 285
Weight, kg
0.32; 0.40; 0.53
black, grey
Life time
2 years

We present the compact model of a surge protector SVEN Optima Base 5 sockets!

SVEN Optima Base 5 sockets is an optimal protection of home and office equipment: computers, office appliances, audio-, video- and electronic equipment.

The model has compact dimensions: 50 × 40 × 285 mm. There are several variants of cord length – 1.8 m, 3.0 m and 5.0 m. The surge protector can be fixed in any position by means of holes on the rear side.

The safe construction makes it possible to use all three sockets at once, which are universal and compatible with plugs of any standard.

The surge protector satisfies all electrical safety requirements. The built-in thermal fuse will switch off the input voltage in case of overload or short circuit. SVEN Optima Base 5 sockets protects against pulse overvoltages with the maximum level of absorbed energy 150 J. Its compact high-impact case and lightweight package make its storage and transportation convenient, as well as they enable to sell the product both in modern supermarkets and in open-air markets. However, the main advantage of SVEN Optima Base 5 sockets surge protector is its price – it will fit into the most limited budget.

SVEN Optima Base 5 sockets surge protector is the best combination of price and quality!

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