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SVEN X-Pad Gamepad

  • Ergonomic design
  • Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • USB Interface
  • Vibration feedback for higher realistic effect
  • Turbo function for continuous shooting
  • 4 axes, 8-position joystick, 2 joysticks and 13 buttons
  • Rubber inserts for comfortable use
  • Digital and analog modes
  • Compatibility with PS3
  • Software CD included
Technical Specifications
Gaming device type
OS support
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Connection technology
Operation mode
digital and analog
Axes and joysticks
4 axes, D-Pad, 2 joysticks
Number of buttons, pcs
Vibration feedback function
Turbo function
Cable length, m
Life time
2 years

We would like to bring a new SVEN X-Pad gamepad to your attention.

It has a USB connector and is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

The gamepad is controlled classically: by means of D-pad and two joysticks. The key difference of the joysticks is that the information they transmit to the gamepad refers not only to the direction of their shifting, but to its value as well. It’s a substantial factor for races, as smoothness of control influences the path of a car’s motion, as well as the seconds lost or won on the turns. The D-pad suits more for 3D shooters and arcades, where quick movements and repeating actions are important. The Mode function is used to switch over between the digital and analogue operation modes. 2 axes and 10 additional control buttons are available in the digital mode, while all the four axes and 13 buttons are available in the analogue mode. The gamepad has also a Turbo function designed to repeat actions (for example, for continuous shooting) and a Force Feedback function imitating external action on the player in the virtual world.

SVEN X-Pad has ergonomic design: the gamepad is equipped with rubber insets for comfort and reliable contact. Due to its shape, the device fits into the hand like a glove.

At the beginning of a game you can assign each button a certain function, such as weapon choice, camera change, enter the menu, game map scroll, etc. So, during the game you’ll have the most necessary and favorite options ready to your hand.

This game controller is an all-purpose solution suitable for racing, arcade and 3D shooting games. SVEN X-PAD has everything for both a beginner and experienced gamer. Its functionality and ergonomic design will satisfy the taste of many gamers.