SVEN Smart 1000

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SVEN SMART 1000/1500 line-interactive uninterruptible power supplies featuring sine output voltage are ideal equipment for protecting PCs and peripherals: monitors, modems, etc.

In case of electricity failure, the UPS continues supplying power to the consuming devices using the energy of the integrated storage batteries. The built-in AVR provides proper power supply to the load at over-/undervoltage without entering the off-line mode.

The UPS is designed for computer equipment only. Don't connect household heating appliances, other high-power electric devices and office equipment (room heaters, electric kettles, laser printers, air conditioners, etc.). These appliances increase power consumption considerably, and this can cause the UPS overload and breakdown.

Locate the UPS indoors only, in rooms with controlled air temperature and humidity. During operation, the housing of the device can heat up to 50°C, which is absolutely normal.

  • Sine output voltage both in on-line and off-line mode
  • Wide range of input voltage
  • High efficiency
  • Built-in surge protector
  • LCD display
  • Indication of parameters and basic operation modes
  • Sound alarm for off-line operation, overload and critical discharge level of storage batteries
  • USB and RJ-11/RJ-45 communication ports
  • Cold Start function in off-line mode
  • Automatic electricity delivery at power supply renewal
  • Short circuit and overload protection, pulse and high-frequency disturbance protection
  • Modem/telephone circuit protection
Technical Specifications
Maximum load, VA/W 1000/600
Input voltage level, V 165 – 275
Output voltage level, V 220 ±10 % (on-line)
220 ± 5 % (via converter)
Output voltage waveform sine wave (on-line and off-line)
Frequency, Hz 50
Communication port USB, RJ-11/RJ-45
Input terminals CEE 7/4
Output sockets 2 × CEE 7/4
Protection short circuit and overload
modem/telephone circuit
Accumulator type maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries (consumables)
Accumulators capacity 12 V 7 А•h (2 pcs)
Typical switching time, ms > 8
Batteries operation time, min 3-10 min. (depending on the load)
Indicators variables and basic operation modes
Processor RISC-microprocessor based
Controlled variable current input and output voltage, frequency, battery charge level, load condition
Environment operation conditions <5000 m above sea level, 0-50 °C, moisture 0 - 90% without condensation
Supported interfaces intelligent software support of Windows 98/Mе/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Linux, FreeBSD, Novell Netware
Certificates UL. cUL, FCC, [CE,TUV] РосТест
Floating time 4 hours (up to >85 %), 10 hours max (up to >90 %)
Dimensions, mm 145 × 245 × 355
Weight, kg 12
Life time 5 years
Tests and reviews
This article says about the theory and practice of using uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
Anatoly Litvinenko.
January 2013

"PC Magazine/Russian Edition" magazine awards SVEN trademark as a winner of readers' award according to "Service and Quality of Computer Trademarks 2012" survey in "UPS and Power Supply" nomination.