SVEN SPS-821 – Good “Remake” of Old Hit

At the market of speaker systems SVEN Company is in the public eye not only due to affordable prices for new developments, but also due to very good renewed versions of old models. SVEN SPS-820 .speaker system is a quite prime example in this sense. Once, early in the 2000s, this trifoniks was a good seller, well, and now you can find the mass of positive comments to its address. However, the company decided not to stop at what had been accomplished and recently it renewed that popular model to SVEN SPS-821 version.

Exterior and construction

SVEN SPS-821 is the same three-component “classics”, i.e. a pair of MDF satellites of quite compact dimensions and a wooden subwoofer. 57 mm broadband loudspeakers with paper cones and protective fabric nets are responsible there for high and middle frequencies playback, but the subwoofer is made in the form a band resonator with the inside loudspeaker and outside phase inverter.

The control panel looks quite simple: it consists of three small knobs on LF speaker, which enable to control not only the master volume, but the bass level as well. So, the settings turn out more individualized and a user can select a frequency balance depending on the music of the genre he listens to.

On the whole the sound of the speaker system turns out very convincing. The subwoofer provides good saturated bass and the volume increase does not entail any perceptible distortions. The total power of the system is 40 W and the range of reproduced frequencies covers 40–20,000 Hz. This suggests that such speaker system is a universal system and, in principle, does for the music of the most music genre. And at the same time these speakers can be used for watching movies and computer games.

However SVEN SPS-821 will gladden its owner not only with its excellent sound. Its elegant design and good workmanship, simplicity in connection and setting and, of course, very pleasant price are to be considered also as the advantages of this model.

Testing and listening

As a preliminary we can look at diagrams of gain-frequency characteristics. The subwoofer operates approximately with 50 Hz. The non-uniformity is very good for the used type of acoustic background, and even the concordance with satellites is quite well. The satellites operate with good non-uniformity – ±2.5 dB – in the middle frequency area. The peak in the upper range adds the unnatural loudness to sounding, which subjectively only decorates the sound picture.

Impressions of listening coincide with conclusions based on diagrams and, as a whole, they appear extremely positive. The subwoofer provides full-fledged and saturated bass. And the main merit of developers is seen in the fact that SVEN SPS-821 really provides high volume in the low-frequency range without any distortions and muttering. Satellites play vividly, that it caused by the increase of high frequencies. This distorts the timbre balance a little bit, but adds “living” notes to the general picture.


SVEN SPS-821 has turned out just as good as its well-known predecessor – SVEN SPS-820. The system is distinguished by its affordable price, which is equal to 45 US dollars at retail, and by really nice sound for this segment. The small subwoofer will gladden by tangible bass and satellites – by balanced middle notes and vivid high notes.

Photos from TECHLABS studio, photographer Kirill Kruchinin

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