SVEN Speakers for Mobile and Portable Devices,

Though the devices produced under SVEN trademark are quite varied, music speakers are still making the overwhelming majority in the range of the company’s products. Because of the onrushing advent of mobile and portable devices like smartphones, tablet PCs and ultrathin notebooks unable to provide sound of decent loudness and quality, it’s worth turning our attention to the line of SVEN speakers designed for this kind of devices giving their users complete mobility.

One of the most notable accessories of the kind is SVEN Boogie Ball R distinguished with its modest dimensions of 50×50×35 mm and only 56 g in weight. The speakers have a built-in lithium-ion battery (3.7 V, 300 mА·h) providing its 7-8-hour autonomous operation and used as a mobile charger via a micro USB port. Its output power is 2.4 W, which is pretty much for such modest size. The 3.6-mm drivers are not shielded.

Due to its design, the stereo sound spreads in all directions, and to improve its quality, the Bass Expander technology enhancing the lows is used. Any device equipped with a 3.5-mm mini-jack can be used as a sound source. The speakers come with a 2.5-mm adapter and a micro-USB—USB cable to charge the built-in battery. The device is available in black, navy-blue and red.

SVEN PS-36 portable system has several curious design features. It consists of a pair of portable and easy-to-carry 3W drivers with 50-mm diameter equipped with magnetic holders turning them into a single piece. The foldable design of the model protects the speaker system from being damaged when carried.

The system is powered via a PC USB port or the included power adapter operating with 4 AA batteries ensuring 8-hour independent work. Each speaker is magnetically shielded; its dimensions are 120×70×45 mm, and total weight is 267 g (not including batteries).

The concept of SVEN PS-35 differs essentially from PS-35 in its design but not in technical specifications, so it’s needless to repeat them. Each speaker is equipped with a 50-mm driver and almost cubic in shape and transformable, which is intended to combine two features: compact size for carrying and ergonomic design for operating. By rotating the upper part, you can change the sound direction according to the usage conditions and user’s wish.

Along with USB power supply, you can install three AA batteries for 8-hour independent work into the active speaker which also has a volume control wheel, AUX input and a power on/off button. Each speaker’s dimensions are 75×70×65 mm, and the total weight is 372 g (without batteries).

SVEN OMNI portable speaker system duplicates the shape of the integrated drivers, has a small tilt ensuring the omnidirectional sound field, and protruding round grille on the diaphragm. The diameter of the speakers is 132 mm, and their height is 54 mm. The total weight of the set is 600 g.

Each speaker has a 50-mm full-range 2W driver with a neodymium magnet. The enclosure is passive radiator expanding the range of frequencies reproduced by the speaker. The passive radiator is located at the bottom of the devices. The active speaker has a bridge amplifier with power 4 times higher than that of AB class amplifiers, and a volume controller. The speakers are powered via a USB port or a 5V adapter.

Beside black-and-gray, the speaker cabinets come in yellow and apple-green. It’s notable that when the system is on, the base of the cabinets and the volume controller is backlit.

SVEN 355 is the simplest compact solution for a laptop. Aluminum magnetically shielded diaphragms with 44-mm diameter and 2.5W power are enclosed into black plastic cabinets and have bass-boosting passive radiators. The power is supplied via USB, but the sound is transmitted via a separate 3.5-mm mini-jack. The device uses the same kind of passive radiator as OMNI. The novelty is equipped with a volume control wheel. The size of each speaker is 130×75×68 mm, and the weight of the set is 473 g.

But if we seriously discuss the sound quality and volume, hardly any portable desktop speakers would compare to headphones in this respect. Their range in the variety of SVEN products is quite diverse by type and design. Let’s have a look at some headphones the company places special value on, admitting their unique features, as well as high sound quality with deep bass.

SVEN SEB 12 WD model has wood as case material, which improves acoustic properties of these in-ear headphones with a 10-mm diaphragm. The package includes three sizes of earpads from artificial rubber. The L-shaped 3.5 mm plug has a gold-plated pin. The frequency response is 18–22000 Hz, sensitivity — 106 ± 4 dB, the weight is 11 g, the cable length is 1.2 m.

SVEN SEB 14 WD earphones also belong to the wooden line, but they differ in design and exceed the previous model in frequency range: 16–24000 Hz. The earphones weigh 18 g. They come with a carrying case.

SVEN SEB 24 BK in-ear headphones are made from plastic. Their design with an off-center earpad is anatomic and it helps to keep the earpads in the ear. The model is distinguished with a 14-mm membrane. The headphones have 18-22000 Hz frequency range and weight of 16 g. The rest of the features are similar to the previous version.

The flagship model of SVEN in-ear headphones is SVEN SEB 26 BK headset compatible with all the mobile and portable devices and, besides, enabling the user to control iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Gio or Samsung La Fleur Wave 723 media player. For wider compatibility, you can use the included adapter with 3.5-mm headphone and microphone jacks. The acoustic features of these earphones with a 10-mm membrane are the same as in SVEN SEB 24 BK, but the microphone sensitivity is 58 ± 3 dB, and the frequency response is 30–16000 Hz. The microphone can be muted. The headset weighs 20 g, and two pairs of different size earpads are included.

SVEN SEB-250M is a simpler headset with a 10-mm diaphragm of the earphones. The earphone and microphone sensitivity is 102 ± 4 dB and 60 ± 3 dB respectively, and the frequencies reproduced are within the range of 50–18000 Hz and 50–16000 Hz. The earpads are made of silicon and can’t be removed. On the cable, there is a multifunctional button for controlling the compatible devices (including iPhone, iPod, iPad) enabling to mute the microphone, skip tracks and stop the playback. The weight is 15 g.

Among full-size headphones, we can single out SVEN HP 50 WD in retro style with wood imitating design. They have comfortable ear cushions, an adjustable headband, and produced under a special SVEN technology – Extra Bass Volume, providing deep and taut bass. The headphones are supplied with 40-mm diaphragms and provide a wide frequency response of 15 Hz to 24 kHz.

For special convenience when used with mobile devices, the cable is 1.2 m long, but there is a 1.1-m extension cable included. The weight of the headphones is 172 g. There is a similar model – SVEN HM 50 WD with a microphone on the cable.

A wide selection of modern music speakers under the SVEN trademark represents the whole scope of solutions for any mobile and portable devices, but, compared to most competing products, it ensures high quality at quite affordable price.

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