SVEN NT-5×150

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    All-purpose polyamide (nylon) straps are convenient, quick and economical all-purpose fasteners. Straps are fixed reliably with the help of one-way latch mechanism (nondetachable type). Straps are made of polyamide 66 (nylon), which is noted for its high strength, elasticity, heat resistance, shock resistance, resistance to oil products, lubricants, organic solvents, etc. and possesses high electrical insulating properties.

    • Polyamide 66 (nylon)
    • One-way latch mechanism (nondetachable type) is used
    • High material strength and elasticity
    • Stability to high and low temperatures
    • All-purpose fasteners
    Technical Specifications
    Material polyamide 66
    Quantity in package, pcs 100
    Size, mm 4.6 × 150
    Color white
    Life time 2 years