Comparative Review of Wireless Stereo Headphones SVEN AP-B350MV, AP-B450MV, AP-B470MV and AP-B770MV

A constantly increasing number of producers pay their attention to mobile solutions. The wave of conveniences related to the mobility overwhelmed the whole industry of computer devices. Today we decided to pay our attention to the product line of wireless stereo headphones with microphone produced by SVEN Company: AP-B350MV, AP-B450MV, AP-B470MV and AP-B770MV.

The Russian consumer has first-hand knowledge of SVEN Company. It appeared far back in 1991 as a trademark of computer periphery offering its qualitative and affordable products of different direction to consumers. In 2014 the company received an award – the 1-st place in “Unprofessional PC Speaker Systems” nomination from a well-known IXBT.COM internet portal, that imposes explicit responsibility on item, which we decided to test today. We want to emphasize that SVEN Company gets this award for fourteen consecutive years and is very proud of this!

Four models take part in our comparative review at one time, and each of them is unique and interesting in its own way. But we start our review as usually with package and its content.

Package content

Transparent durable plastic and a little bit of cardboard are the main components of package, which you will notice among models presented by SVEN. An exception, in our case, is AP-B770MV model, because it is presented in a classic cardboard box with a transparent plastic window on the front.

To our mind, a transparent plastic is a nice solution for packing, because headphones and their components can be studied thoroughly from any direction turning a box in hands. There is a cardboard column of blue color in the center of the transparent box, where specifications and features of one or another model are inscribed. This cardboard column also serves as a holder for the headphones and that is a convenient and practical solution.

In case with AP-B770MV model, as we have mentioned above, we have in our hands a cardboard box of white-blue brand-name colors of SVEN Company with a transparent window on the right-hand side, through which we can see parts of stylish premium headphones. Features of headphones are indicated on the front part of the box, but the rear side is covered with technical specifications for inquisitive people.

No matter what a model falls into our hands, the icon of Bluetooth technology is present on a visible part of package of all presented models without fail. It signals to us about the necessity to use this technology. Every model of headphones is completed without fail with a removable mini-jack audio cable 1.2 m long, micro-USB cable for connection to a power source for charging, warranty card and User’s Manual in three languages.

Appearance and features

A transparent plastic box is opened quite simply and easily. All models of headphones are in a marked contrast to design and technical specifications. All these models are united by one thing only – all of them are connected to your mobile device or notebook via wireless Bluetooth communication channel.


They are simple and at the same time comfortable wireless headphones. The arc of a headband is made of strong all-metal frame covered with leatherette. Soft leatherette ear cushions seat tightly to the auricle and provide reliable protection against external noises. It is likely that their small weight and stylish shape will do for girls, although dark colors are not in a trend nowadays.

On the left headphone you can clearly single out the control unit with on/off button and track control button. Its location perplexed at first, but then everything fell into place. It appears that it is more convenient to make manipulations with switching with your left hand behind a headphone. In this case, the hand is in convenient position. There are two jacks in the lower part of the left headphone cup: one to connect mini-jack cable, if the headset is discharged at an awkward time; the second jack is for connection of micro-USB cable to a power source for charging.

Connection between a mobile device and the headphones comes via Bluetooth 4.0 and the sound quality is at high technical level. You can clearly catch deep, rich and saturated sound in the wide frequency range of any musical genres. The headset enables to a user complete freedom of actions with the wireless Bluetooth connection system within 10 meters.


The second model is a little bit higher in the hierarchy and looks more reputable. We have in our hands a stylish whole plastic arc with black-and-white insertions, on the ends of which there are 40 mm cups with the soft leatherette ear cushions. The headband interior is covered with polyurethane coating for comfort and softness while using. The exterior is a black glossy plastic with the SVEN Company logotype on the external part of cups.

As we have already noted in the previous model, the control unit with on/off button and track control button is also located behind the left cup and makes all functions required for the comfort listening to music, as well as it functions to answer incoming calls from a mobile device.

There are also two jacks for charging and direct connection to a mobile device in the lower part of the left cup. Features of the device are the following, when the headphones are connected directly to a device, the whole control functional on the left headphone is disconnected. A possibility to fold headphones compactly for transportation was a pleasant surprise for us. However there were two moments, which not strongly, but none the less spoiled slightly the impression. First, the absence of any case in the package and second is the gloss over the whole surface of headphones. Fingerprints are visible after using the headphonesк.

A one-piece arc and soft ear cushions enable the headphones to sit comfortably on the head. The tight fitting of soft ear cushions does not cause any discomfort. The headphones do not fall down from the head during its sharp turning, as it happens sometimes with some models of other producers. We see clearly the exact work of engineers, who observed the balance of weight and all subtleties of design.

Listening did not reveal any blunders or shortcomings regarding sounding. Vice versa, the headphones clearly distinguish rich and saturated sound in the frequency range of any musical styles and genres. The headset mobility and the absence of direct connection without a cable bring only convenience and comfort when using them.


The third but not the last model in our review among wireless headphones is in a marked contrast to its sisters on the workshop. Differences are noticeable not only in its design, but in its functional as well.

The headband arc on the interior part has also a soft black polyurethane coating for comfort. But the external part of the arc here has soft-touch coating, the touch to which causes pleasant sensation and fingerprints are not visible on it after using. Cups of this model are hold on stylized and convenient bails, which gifts some charm to this model and attract attention. Surfaces of cups are also gloss.

Control unit of tracks and sounding is also located on the rear side of the left headphone. And this is the only thing, which unites this model with previous ones. Then we tell you only about differences. One of them lies in the fact that this model has a button – MODE, which enables to switch over an audio source. This model has four buttons: a mobile device connected via Bluetooth, built-in FM tuner and external micro SD card being inserted in a jack on the upper part of the left cup. Such big spectrum of sound sources inspires to exploits and provides the wide range of selection of musical predilections.

The test operation of headphones revealed a small drawback. Unfortunately, we not able to decrease the volume level completely. There is small background sounding even with the lowest value of sound. On a large scale, it is not even a drawback. Sounding in the FM tuner mode leaves much to be desired. As you understand, the radio produces certain interferences in this mode due to which the sound quality suffers.

AP-B470MV model is also connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth wireless channel.


A model of wireless headphones, which can be named premium in its own right, finishes our big comparative review. Its style and design cause a lot of positive emotions.

We have again a one-piece headband arc, the upper part of which is covered with black leatherette. The headband gradually turns into bails of holders of cups with loudspeakers. It is a satisfaction to know that only this model has turning hinges of cups for 90 degrees, which turn cups conveniently when using the headphones.

The oval cups are made of dense black plastic with a tracery vaguely resembling a scarab or tortoise shell. Control buttons are located in the lower part of both cups. There is an on/off button and volume level control on the left cup. A microphone to transmit your voice is located there as well behind the silvery perforated strap. The right cup has a mini-USB jack to connect power supply and three buttons – pause/playback and track switching. Soft ear cushions cover the auricle and provide the perfect noise insulation level against extraneous noises.

A pleasant exception of this model is the thing that the usage time of such headphones is up to 22 hours, and this time is a very long period for mobile and wireless headphones.

Specifications of this model are a little bit higher than for its “sisters” of the workshop, and it is clear, because the model belongs to the premium model line. The support mode of Bluetooth wireless connection simplifies greatly the life for those people, who use headphones in transport or in the street. You are able not only to listen to your favorite tracks and answer incoming calls, but to use the voice-activated dialing as well.


We want to note also the high sound quality of all models. When they reproduce musical compositions beginning from the classics to techno-rock, you can hear deep low basses and clear sounding of high frequencies. Rich and saturated sound is present in all models and it confirms once again the justice of the received high award – the 1-th place in the “Unprofessional PC Speaker Systems” nomination on the IXBT.COM portal.


All models of wireless stereo headphones demonstrated themselves perfectly in all technical parameters and design. All products differ in high quality and perfect technical filling. These seemingly identical technical parameters, but distinctions in design introduce a zest and everyone who wishes will find a model according to his tastes.

One thing upsets a little bit – all presented models do not have additional accessories, for example, a cover for transportation, because models can be folded conveniently and be carried if necessary. Let us hope that leaders of SVEN Company will give more attention to this aspect.


  • Perfect and catchy design of all models;
  • Qualitative material and execution of headphones;
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth;
  • Clear sounding of all frequencies;
  • Folding construction for convenient transportation.

A possibility to use headphones in the wireless mode enables to use them perfectly at home and in the street. It is worth noting the stable operation of Bluetooth wireless connection of all models. If a mobile device is in the same room, where you are with headphones, then there are no any freezing or miss of sound. However, if you leave the room more than for 10 meters from a source or there is a reinforced concrete wall on your way. Then interferences appear and the sound interrupted.

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