19.03.2015. Comparative Review of Wireless Stereo Headphones SVEN AP-B350MV, AP-B450MV, AP-B470MV and AP-B770MV

A constantly increasing number of producers pay their attention to mobile solutions. The wave of conveniences related to the mobility overwhelmed the whole industry of computer devices. Today we decided to pay our attention to the product line of wireless stereo headphones with microphone produced by SVEN Company: AP-B350MV, AP-B450MV, AP-B470MV and AP-B770MV.

Samodelkin Evgeny., March 2015.
18.03.2015. Review and Tests of SVEN AP-B450MV. Advanced Wireless Headset

SVEN AP-B450MV will be interesting in those cases, when a budget to purchase a wireless headset is limited, but at that, the appearance is a requirement among the main requirements. 40 mm neodymium loudspeakers provide an acceptable level of sounding. Control elements on a cup provide easy-to-use remote control.

Marsel Garipov., March 2015.
12.03.2015. Review of Inexpensive 5.1 SVEN HT-200 Speaker System

SVEN HT-200 is an inexpensive 5.1 speaker system, which fits well for sounding any individually room. It is a six-component system; therefore it can be considered as a variant to create a home theater based on a TV set. At that you will be able to listen to music from absolutely any sources with no trouble at all, because the system has several inputs with a full-fledged selector. Finally, SVEN HT-200 can also operate as an individual device: a built-in FM radio and player from flash drives are provided.

TECHLABS Team., March 2015.
02.03.2015. Good Bye, Socket! Testing of Three External SVEN Batteries

We have liked SVEN batteries. Their coefficient of efficiency is rather big; they charge telephones and tablet PCs without problems, their price do not frighten at all. They want about RUB 850 for the junior model, RUB 1200 for the middle one and RUB 1500 for the elder. It is quite a reasonable price for a long operation.

Dmitry Kolganov., February 2015.
25.02.2015. Review and Tests of SVEN AP-B470MV. Advanced Wireless Headset

Not long ago SVEN Company presented three new wireless headsets at once and we were the first, who had an opportunity to study the whole product line in detail. Let us start from a senior model SVEN AP-B470MV, it is its first detailed examination. An affordable price-list to RUB 2000 of just that segment which is directed to the mass customer has become an advantage of the whole series.

Lenar Khairullin., February 2015.
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