Review and Tests of SVEN AP-B450MV. Advanced Wireless Headset

Nowadays portable mobile speaker systems are available in arsenals of many brands, this segment of household electronics is quite popular and called-for. But such models are not always affordable for a mass customer, especially with due regard for current realities at the Russian market. After starting testing SVEN AP-B770MV ,model we have set forth an aim to test the so called “popular models” with the acceptable manufacturing level. The test was continued at the beginning of the current year, starting with SVEN AP-B470MV. examination. Today a simpler model SVEN AP-B450MV has been the center of attention.

We recommend considering this review as a whole, studying the whole series. Each of these headsets is interesting in its own way, and there is not only the cost matter. SVEN approached responsibly the question of forming the product line of wireless headsets; every model is produced with its original workmanship and design.

Package content

SVEN AP-B450MV is supplied in a transparent case, the headset is fixed on a cardboard pedestal. The whole required detailed information regarding specification and connection features is placed there.

Components are collected in the same case: 3.5 mm audio cable, micro USB cable, as well as technical documentation.


SVEN AP-B450MV has got an interesting and stylish appearance in spite of its affordability. Such an effect is achieved by the single plastic arch and combination of white and black colors.

The exterior is made of glossy black plastic. It is not the most practical material, fingerprints are noticeable on it, but at the same time they are removed without any difficulties.

The interior of a white plastic insertion has the mat coating. The insertion in the central part of a headband is made of polyurethane.

The mechanism of the headband enables to change its length selecting your personal preferences and a head size. Guides are made of plastic, so you have to be attentive when using the headset to reduce the risk of their damage.

A possibility to fold up cups I think as an advantage. In folded state the headsets will be placed in a cover easily. Unfortunately, it is not available in the package.

The SVEN logotype is printed on both sides of external part of cups. The cups have a drop-shaped shape. Material of ear cushions is similar to the headband – it is polyurethane.

Control elements are collected on the left cup of SVEN AP-B450MV, they are concentrated on the lower facet. There is an audio jack, micro USB jack, on/off and call answer button, three-position button to rewind tracks.

A LED indicator and microphone hole are there as well. 40 mm neodymium loudspeakers hide in the cups. The headset is connected via Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. A variant of wired connection with AUX cable is also available, it can be useful when the battery is discharged or when an audio source does not support the wireless connection.


It is not worth expecting the excellent sounding from models in the budget of RUB 1400, but you cannot be bothered to be satisfied with problems with sound reproduction as well. SVEN AP-B450MV headset has gladdened pleasantly, we have not noticed obvious shortcomings on the wide range of frequencies, as well as there is no poor-frequency response. The headset can be estimated as a universal headset, it will do for watching movies and listening to music of different genres and styles. With the proviso, if a user is not a music lover or audiophile, but at that the series has been obviously developed not for them.

When it comes to the convenience of its wearing, then as a whole we have had positive impressions. Good seating of ear cushions, the absence of discomfort and irritation due to used materials. Small weight and light-weight construction do not create problems during long wearing. The full charge of a battery is enough approximately for 9-10 hours of operation without recharging.


SVEN AP-B450MV will be interesting in those cases, when a budget to purchase a wireless headset is limited, but at that, the appearance is a requirement among the main requirements. 40 mm neodymium loudspeakers provide an acceptable level of sounding. Control elements on a cup provide easy-to-use remote control.

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