Review of Inexpensive 5.1 SVEN HT-200 Speaker System

SVEN HT-200 is an inexpensive 5.1 speaker system, which fits well for sounding any individually room. It is a six-component system; therefore it can be considered as a variant to create a home theater based on a TV set. At that you will be able to listen to music from absolutely any sources with no trouble at all, because the system has several inputs with a full-fledged selector. Finally, SVEN HT-200 can also operate as an individual device: a built-in FM radio and player from flash drives are provided.

Package content

Components of the system are small, that is why all of them are easily enclosed in a tidy and light-weighted box. The quality of manufacturing is not poor at that. There are the following components in the carton:

  • Subwoofer;
  • Five identical satellites;
  • Remote control with batteries;
  • Wall-mount attachment for satellites;
  • Three signal cables;
  • Five wires to connect speakers;
  • Documentation.

There should be no problems to place speakers, because main moments have been thought out quite thoroughly. For example, cables for rear speakers are much longer than cables for front speakers. In case of urgency cables can be lengthened easily, because ordinary spring clamps are used everywhere for bared wires. Satellites can be mounted on walls.

It is desirable an audio source has 3.5 mm inputs, because the signal cables are very much so. There will be no problems with computers, but you have to purchase an adapter connector for a TV set.

Exterior and features

The subwoofer front panel is laminated with black glossy plastic and looks modern. The system has the intuitive control. A display with several numerical indicators and set of inscriptions are located at the top of the control panel, light-emitting diodes located close to them will light when they are active. A navigation ring with the central on/off button is located a little bit lower.

It stands to reason that it is extremely difficult to distribute all functions between five buttons, therefore only main functions are used: volume, mode, inputs, control of the player and switching of FM radio stations. Additional features are available from the remote control only. For example, separate volume level control per channels and timbre control.

By the way, yet another interesting fact about settings. There is a battery on a circuit board inside the subwoofer; therefore, many of them are saved even in case of power-off. The settings of timbres, volume level of the subwoofer, etc. are not reset. However, in case of power-off SVEN HT-200 “forgets” for some reason the volume level and a selected input. After the absence of power the system is turned on always in the six-channel mode.

Selected acoustic design, phase inverter rouse no censure. Such variant seems extremely appropriate, because it makes it possible to get the nice combination of the sound quality and power. The loudspeaker is located on one side and closed with a net.

The design of satellites is extremely simple, with the use of small broadband loudspeakers.


Subjectively SVEN HT-200 “wins back” its money completely. Satellites sound neutrally without bright character. But the linearity does not suffer. The model reproduces the sound with equal clearness both in the mode of the background sounding and with high volume level. Naturally, the maximum volume level is not exorbitant, but it is more than enough for a small room. The volume level of the subwoofer in the default mode is a little bit overstated.

С Technically speaking there are no questions at all. The speaker system reaches its nominal level starting from 60-70 Hz, but an non-nosedive starts only after 15 kHz. If you “play” a little bit with volume and timbre settings of the subwoofer, then you will get quite a uniform and well-formed characteristic.


SVEN HT-200 does not cost much, at that the speaker system provides quite steady sound level and turns out very functional. Such solution will perfectly do for a TV set, computer or even tablet PC. Another advantage – you are able to listen to radio or music from a flash drive at any time.

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