Review and Tests of SVEN AP-B470MV. Advanced Wireless Headset

Not long ago SVEN Company presented three new wireless headsets at once and we were the first, who had an opportunity to study the whole product line in detail. Let us start from a senior model SVEN AP-B470MV, it is its first detailed examination. An affordable price-list to RUB 2000 of just that segment which is directed to the mass customer has become an advantage of the whole series.

Most probably, attentive readers remember that approximately one year ago we had a review of SVEN AP-B770MV, the model remains a flagship solution. Headsets being tested today have become the next once in the product line of wireless headsets.

Package content

Headphones are supplied in a transparent package; a customer has an opportunity to estimate their appearance prior to the purchase. All components are in a separate soft cardboard case, which is inside the package and servicing at the same time as a pedestal to fix headphones.

The package content consists of an audio cable, micro USB cable, as well as warranty card and the User’s Manual. The availability of the audio cable enables this model to operate with a discharged battery, as ordinary wired headphones. This variant can be also selected with the purpose to save the battery charge.


SVEN AP-B470MV is a compact mobile headset of the classic design. Black plastic is used as a case basis. The headset has two coating variants – soft-touch and gloss. Soft-touch coating is on the headband exteriority.

The material is smooth to the touch, but it should not be touched with greasy fingers, because it will be very problematically to remove them afterwards. There is leatherette lining on the internal side of the headband.

It is worth noting the tight matching of components and the absence of backlash. There is a possibility to change the length, the mechanism is made of plastic. The further change of guides into a cup is interestingly realized in the form of a loop.

Folding of cups is provided, which simplifies transportation. The availability of a case-bag could do with the ideal picture of the world.

Cups are made of glossy plastic with lacquered coating, the material is easily soiled, but fingerprints are removed easily. Ear cushions are made of leatherette. The material is not the most pleasant for tactile sensations; it has weeping problems during warm season.

The maim control elements are located on the left cup. The following is available there: AUX input, micro USB, microphone jack, mode button, three-position button to switch tracks and on/off button.

40 mm neodymium loudspeakers hide inside. There are also two LED indicators on the cups, one of them indicates about active Bluetooth connection. A micro SD jack on the upper facet of the cup is another interesting element, but it is not very convenient regarding its availability.

Now we have come to the most interesting thing: SVEN AP-B470MV is able to operate in the player mode, tracks are read automatically from the built-in memory card. The built-in FM tuner is also available there.

These headphones are also able to operate independently without an external audio source. It is quite interesting approach, and we did not have such models for testing up to this date.

Everything operates perfectly in the context of radio, but the process of tuning and searching a radio station is quite difficult for lack of visual information for the current frequency.

The absence of open joints and buttons on the upper part of cups makes it possible to use this model in the street even during moist air.

As a whole, the headphones make pleasant impression, especially taking into account a required price-list.


SVEN AP-B470MV can be used both as a mobile wireless headset and jointly with a PC or notebook. Special mention should be made of independent operation as a player or radio. When it comes to the independent use then the full charge of its battery is enough approximately for 8-9 hours without recharging, and this is good result. The interfacing process is traditional, we start the search mode and connect to a smartphone or tablet PC. Not the most modern and power efficient Bluetooth 2.1 is chosen as an interface. It is possible to use the wired connection, when the battery is charged or according to personal preferences.

Regarding sound estimation, there is a noticeable distortion to middle and high frequencies with moderate particularization. You should not expect the saturated sound, but the level of reproduction is quite adequate for the mass user without additional burden of audiophilia. Basses are inexpressive, when the volume level is maximum it is possible to notice dips.

Results for SVEN AP-B470MV

SVEN AP-B470MV is a positive example, when it has been succeeded reaching an adequate level of manufacturing in the affordable segment. It was succeeded combining wireless connection, high-capacity battery, built-in player and FM radio in the compact form factor. We can cavil there only at the easily soiled coating of the headband and discomfort during long carrying due to the used leatherette on ear cushions.

SVEN AP-B470MV has got a well-deserved reward “Gold. Editorial Staff’s Choice”.

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