Review of Affordable SVEN MS-1820 2.1 Speaker System

SVEN MS-1820 is a multifunction speaker system in the price bracket “up to $50”, which can be a full-fledged central link in the system of the home theater or multimedia center. Speakers reproduce music from any sources, they playback tracks from USB drives and operate in FM radio mode. Their functionality is perfect. And what about implementation?


ПOne might as well to attribute SVEN MS-1820 to classic models in outward appearance. Satellites are mounted in small wooden cases on rubber legs. Ordinary broadband loudspeakers with a potentially quite good frequency range are used to reproduce sound.

The subwoofer is small, but the most effective acoustic design, i.e. a bandpass resonator, is used to achieve maximum voice pressure.

The loudspeaker is “hidden” inside, but only the pipe of a phase inverter is located outside.

There is a USB port for USB drives and slot for SD cards, small screen and quite original control system on the front panel.

Timbre balance (high and low frequencies) is controlled by big knobs. Buttons are used to control all other things (volume, inputs, tracks and to set a receiver).

This is reasonable in such realization of the scheme: individual settings of sounding are not reset after power down.

Certainly, the remote control is included. It is easy-to-use, its distance range and angles of signal reception do not rouse censure.


It is pertinent to note that speakers cover quite good frequency range in spite of their dimensions. The subwoofer starts sounding approximately from 50 Hz. It interfaces with satellites quite well, and the satellites reproduce the whole remaining sound range with no trouble at all, but an uncritical droop is seen only after 15 kHz.

Subjectively SVEN MS-1820 has seemed to us amazingly good. The system provides loud and interesting live sound deprived of explicit shortcomings.


In view of the above said, it is plausible to recommend SVEN MS-1820 to any inexperienced listener. Speakers are inexpensive and very functional. Furthermore, with not high price of the system, the sound has appeared very good.

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