5.1 SVEN HT-435D Active Speaker System. Review article, taken from Hi-Fi.ru magazine

No sooner had we tested the new 2.1 multimedia system released by SVEN company, as its enlarged replica, a low-end entry-level 5.1 package for home theatre has found its way to our lab. Well then, as the saying goes, good things come in small packages! And one more saying pops up in mind: every ware always finds its buyer. Therefore, let’s take SVEN HT-435D with all due seriousness…

In the previous «lesson» we informed you that SVEN company («dynamic» in Finnish) had been founded neither in China nor in Russia, but in Suomi country, where in the city of Kotka on the embankment of Finnish gulf its headquarters had settled down. Nonetheless, its production facilities, as is already a tradition with rational Europeans (and not only with them), are located in China. But, in our opinion, it is with us that Sven has gained the highest popularity due to affordability and quality of its products as well as the widest range of multimedia hardware. To say the truth, it’s pretty hard to write about models that are very similar and, furthermore, of the same grade. When we opened up the agreeable packing and extracted the units, we even grieved at first as we saw there the same toy-like “bricks” and the same small-sized though stately subwoofer unit with built-in amplifier as in SVEN MS-1060R multimedia speaker system. The only difference now is that the number of these «bricks» doubled and there appeared a new rectangular box as if composed of two boxes glued together making a central loudspeaker. As you’ve already guessed, we are talking about a package of midget 5.1 surround sound speakers designed for unpretentious home theatre. But more differences are still there. Let it be remembered once more that all satellite speakers are furnished with 76 mm radiators with paper diaphragm. Their enclosure is not vented and all of them are furnished with regular spring terminals fitted for small-section wires. The subwoofer’s appearance is also almost identical to that of the parent model, but it is this subwoofer that features plenty of functional distinctions and peculiarities. First, as long as this is a 5.1 configuration system, it contains six on-board power amplifiers. Secondly, the system is capable of decoding signals packed in Dolby Digital and DTS formats through its two digital audio inputs, optical and coaxial ones.

Naturally, we have here both analog stereo audio outputs and a possibility to reproduce stereo signal through all the channels. In addition, the back panel accommodates a power switch and five pairs of spring terminals. As with MS-1060 model, a 165 mm size drive is located on the right side of the cabinet. Besides, let’s note that all their enclosure is lined with natural wood. The facing plate accommodates a bass reflex port with five access keys above it and five spotlight indicators of status and modes. The supply package also includes a handsome RC unit, but it lacks backlighting which makes it rather inconvenient to operate in darkness. Also we complained of the missing USB port, at least for the purpose of playing common MP3 compositions from memory stick, the more so as multimedia products are the chief focus of this brand.

Sometimes we are rebuked of rating equally high both high end speaker systems with the price of only one pair of top-class satellite speakers being equal to that of two decent foreign-brand cars and a hundred-dollar set of speakers. A sheer archness, they mean to say. What can we say to this? In fact, it’s all very plain here: all it takes is just to drop the habit of comparing systems of totally different weight categories, and then life will go easy again. If you have a small dacha near Moscow with spacious summer house (or terrace), then it will be not too bad an idea to watch some favorite movie in the company of friends or relatives during samovar-tea time. And for this end you needn’t to bother about installing the top-class receivers, multi-inch TV panels, expensive projection devices in premises like these and then to hire securities for inter-season periods to keep watch over all this. The enjoyment, however, will be as much from both your tiny home theater and watching it, to be sure. And now let’s talk about the proper feelings which produced that same enjoyment. As we’ve already agreed earlier, we won’t compare our “bricks” with hundred-kilo-weight giants as their sound performance will be surely different. Nevertheless, Sven HT-435D with its price pertaining to the lightest category convinced us in its consistency and satisfied us with its accurate and decent sound performance. We remarked high sound information capacity, decent surrounding capability and sufficient density of sound. The system’s output is rather weak to fill in a large area with realistic sound, but it is powerful enough for children’s room, bedroom or some cozy terrace we mentioned earlier. If you want to deliver sound to not too noisy a party in some small living room, then be sure to play your favorite music disks as you’ll surely enjoy the pleasing background and the cozy atmosphere of the party.

Measurement Results

The maximum output power the SVEN HT-435D onboard amplifier can yield per each 4 Ohm satellite speaker is 14 W. This is not much, however, but taking into account the system’s overload capability, is fairly enough. Intrinsic harmonic distortion makes 0,1% in most part of operating powers. Broadband drivers utilized in speakers cover all HF and LF range, though frequency distortions are regrettably high enough: so, HF irregularity of front speakers is hardly kept within 10 dB range. The subwoofer supplies a real bass support enough to keep the lower limit frequency below 40 Hz. Average harmonic distortion factor of speaker systems does not exceed 1% with low and middle volume levels. The central speaker has some margin of the highest distortion-free sound pressure because of its two drives.


So, the system at hand may be qualified as an indispensable type of home theatre if «home» here refers not to a palace, but to an ordinary modest dacha allotment. The system will excellently fit in a children’s room or some snug kitchen. In both cases you will not be disappointed.

Strengths: compact design, easy operation, high sound information capacity.

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