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    As of today the lead-acid maintenance-free batteries of AGM type are the most widespread type of batteries for the reserve power supply. The main fields of application are UPS; light, alarm and security systems; direct-current power supply; automatic control system.

    Batteries of SVEN SV series are notable for the following specifications: low self-discharge current, wide operation temperature range, high coefficient of efficiency and quality of manufacture.

    • Lead-acid AGM type storage battery
    • Leakproof construction
    • Maintenance-free battery usable in any position
    • Inter electrode separators based on glass fiber provide extended durability
    • Application of gas recombination technology reduces harmful substances
    • Safe system of internal pressure control valves
    • High-performance lead-calcium electrode grid for greater capacity
    • Low self-discharge current
    Technical Specifications
    Battery type Lead-acid AGM type storage battery
    Rated voltage, V 6
    Maximum discharge current, A 67
    Capacity (20 hours discharge), А • h 4.5
    Maximum charging current, A 1.35
    Internal resistance, MOhm 21
    Self-discharge (at 25 °C of initial capacity) during the year up to 36 %
    Rated operating temperature, °C 25
    Operating temperature range, °C -20 up to +50
    Terminal type F1
    Length, mm 70
    Width, mm 47
    Hight, mm 100
    Total hight, mm 104
    Weight, kg 0.8
    Color black
    Life time 5 years