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TM SVEN presents its new products: AVR PRO LCD 5000, AVR PRO LCD 8000 and AVR PRO LCD 10000 wall-mounted automatic voltage regulators.

Wall-mounted automatic voltage regulator of AVR PRO LCD series are designed to supply stabilized voltage to household electrical appliances in conditions of voltage deviations of the single-phase power supply network higher than permissible value. Automatic voltage regulators provide protection of powered electrical devices against excessive voltage deviation and provide their safe connect when power supply failures are over.

The extended range of input voltages (from 140 V to 260 V) provides the power supply to devices even in conditions of critical power supply state. The wide product line of AVRs with different rated capacities up to 8 kW makes it possible to select an optimum model for specific user’s purposes.

The application of a microprocessor in the AVR electronic circuit enables to realize the large set of functions: real input/output voltage displaying on the LED indicator of the front panel (see the figure below), AVR operation state displaying, PAUSE function with the adjustable switching-on delay, intellectual protection against high/low voltage. Apart from the above listed functions AVRs provide protection against overload and have the built-in thermal protection of the transformer.

AVR PRO LCD series models have holes for wall mounting. They are structurally implemented in firm metal cases, due to which they can be placed even inside technical premises such as switchboard rooms, repair shops, boiler rooms, etc. Automatic voltage regulators are connected to the power supply network by means of a terminal block tree located in the closed compartment at the AVR bottom.

Note. It is forbidden to connect AVR PRO LCD regulators to standard mains sockets! They are to be connected to the mains, as well as devices-consumers are to be connected to regulators, via terminals and relevant cables (not included). Regulators can be mounted on the wall and connected to the mains only by qualified specialists. Make sure that vent holes and/or the fan are not to be closed during the mounting.

Before installing the AVR, please make sure that total power of all voltage consumers is lower than AVR power. Taking into account the starting load and power factor of consumers, it is necessary to apply power margin factor of 1.2–1.5, but for such equipment as air conditioners, fridges, etc. it should be 1.5–2.

ATTENTION! When selecting an AVR, it is necessary to know that at reduction of input voltage value the input current value increases, which means that maximum power of AVR is reduced too! Such dependence is shown in the graph below:

  • Extended precision of input voltage regulation
  • Protection of devices-consumers against high or low input voltage
  • Microprocessor control
  • Switching over mode in the sinusoid zero point
  • Pause function for safe voltage supply after power supply renewal
  • Autotransformer thermal protection
  • Regulator status indication
  • Digital display of input/output voltage on the front panel
  • Metal case
  • Holes for wall-mounting
Technical Specifications
Type relay
Output power, VA 10000
Maximum load, W 8000
Input voltage level, V ~140 – 260
Output voltage level, V ~220 ± 8 %
Frequency, Hz 50
Indicators digital
Environment operation conditions environment temperature, °C - 0 ~ 40; relative humidity (without condensation), % – 10 ~ 90
Dimensions, mm 420 × 335 × 155
Weight, kg 17.9
Life time 5 years
Tests and reviews
After appearance of new domains the load in the line and substation increases only, the current hops and the home appliances fail to operate. Automatic voltage regulators, such as SVEN AVR PRO 5000 and 8000 (as well as AVR PRO 10000editor's note). The devices are designed to protect equipment within the office, an apartment or even within the whole cottage. They are characterized by the power from 5,000 to 10,000 VA and can be wall mounted, due to which you can avoid obstructing the required space with excess gadgets.
TECHLABS Team., March 2014 .
Notwithstanding the fact that electric power bills advance right before your eyes, the quality of electric power being supplied in Russia is far from the ideal. This concerns not only the private sector, but apartment houses as well. Voltage jumps have already become habitual, and, as a result, household appliances get out of order frequently. Unfortunately, we have not a choice of a power supplier; there is nothing to do but to be satisfied with what is available. Automatic voltage regulators will help to solve this problem; today we have for tests SVEN AVR PRO LCD 10000 wall-mounted automatic voltage regulator. This solution will be interesting for using in offices, apartments and private houses.
Lenar Khirullin., March 2014 .
March 2014 laboratory, wall-mounted SVEN AVR PRO LCD 10000 automatic voltage regulator