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    The automatic voltage regulator SVEN AVR-3000 is designed for correction of the mains power supply in conditions of input over-/undervoltage. The wide range of input voltages from 100 V to 280 V allows operating the device in conditions of critical power supply state. The automatic voltage regulator is equipped with protection against short circuit, overload, overheating, overvoltage and under voltage.

    The Pause function (6 or 180 seconds – at option) allows safe connecting devices-consumers to the power supply network at the moment of power supply renewal. The device is equipped with voltmeters, which display the input and output voltages. Due to its strong metal shockproof housing the automatic voltage regulator can be also used in technical premises such as a garage, workshop and boiler house.

    Note. Connecting the SVEN AVR-3000 model to standard mains sockets is prohibited! The AVR, as well as devices-consumers, are connected to the home power supply via terminals located on the rear panel under the detachable cover with the use of appropriate cables (not included). The AVR-3000 automatic voltage regulator is to be connected by qualified electricians only.

  • Automatic switch-off in case of overvoltage
  • Wide range of input voltage (100 – 280 V)
  • Input and output voltmeters on the front panel
  • Protection of devices-consumers against input over-/undervoltage, short circuit, high-frequency and high-voltage noises
  • Transformer thermal protection
  • Overvoltage and extra-low voltage indication
  • Pause function in case of power supply renewal 
  • Technical Specifications
    Type relay
    Maximum load, W 3000/2100
    Input voltage level, V 100 – 280
    Output voltage level, V 220 ± 10 %
    Frequency, Hz 50
    Output sockets 2
    Overload capacity short-term — up to 150 %, long-term — up to 125%
    Indicators on-line operation, voltage overload, PAUSE mode
    Maximum permissible response voltage, V 280 ± 3
    Maximal interference current, A 20
    Operating temperature, °С 0 ~ 40
    Operating humidity, % 10 ~ 90, without condensation
    Dimensions, mm 250 × 225 × 345
    Weight, kg 8.8
    Color black
    Life time 5 years