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    SVEN Company has introduced a new 2.1 multimedia speaker system – SVEN MS-350BL with wireless audio signal transfer. No joke: today portable and mobile devices are running the show!

    Beside traditional wired connection to various audio devices, the system uses Bluetooth technology. The integrated Bluetooth module provides wireless connection with a laptop, tablet PC or smartphone. The operating range is about 10 m.

    There are only two (but multifunctional) control buttons (VOLUME– and VOLUME+) on the subwoofer front panel. But the remote control is responsible for such options as the master volume and subwoofer volume control, mode selection (Bluetooth, AUX), moving to the next track, pausing, treble and bass control. The remote control has very stylish appearance: glossy front panel and convenient location of buttons. It easily fits into your hand.

    SVEN MS-350BL will take a worthy place on your desktop. Volume up and down buttons, headphones and microphone jacks located on the subwoofer rear panel ensure comfortable use of the device. A slight backward tilt from a listener, as well as the phase inverter on the subwoofer front panel ensure considerable enhancement of the acoustic features of the system.

    The originally designed LED display shows a selected audio source (at switching-on), master volume level and it enables to focus on settings of HF and LH trebles.

    The interesting design of the system suggests associations with architecture of the future. The legs of the subwoofer and elegant satellite holders create the impression that the system is soaring in the air!

    • Can be connected to various audio devices
    • Built-in Bluetooth module
    • Digital LED display
    • Headphones and microphone jacks
    • Remote control
    • Tracks can be controlled from the remote control
    • Magnetic shielding
    • Wooden (MDF) cases of the subwoofer
    Technical Specifications
    Total output power (RMS), W 18
    Output power (RMS), W subwoofer: 10
    satellites: 8 (2 × 4)
    Frequency range, Hz subwoofer: 40 – 250
    satellites: 250 – 20,000
    Dimensions of subwoofer loudspeaker, mm Ø 105
    Dimensions of satellite loudspeakers, mm full-range Ø 76
    Remote control available
    Magnetic shielding available
    Interface Bluetooth
    Radius of operation, m up to 8
    Power supply ~220 V / 50 Hz
    Subwoofer case material wood (MDF)
    Satellite case material ABS plastic
    Dimensions (subwoofer), mm 165 × 233 × 215
    Dimensions (satellites), mm 84 × 179 × 90
    Weight, kg 2.3
    Color black
    Life time 5 years
    Tests and reviews
    While this article was written, the acoustics sounded as a background with moderate level, and there was not a desire to turn it off after first 15 minutes (and such a thing, I should frankly say, can happen with many speaker system). So SVEN has managed with assigned tasks, and if you do not demand reckless home evening-parties from this set, and will really estimate its possibilities, then you will not be disappointed in it at all.
    Anton Nikolaev., December 2012.
    We won't have the heart to name a new speaker system of the Finnish company SVEN as a standard one. Because MS-350BL is a real multimedia music centre, which will enable you to unload your workplace of troublesome wires a little bit and some time in Sunday evening to organize a merry karaoke party with your friends. The whole titbit lies in the fact that this 2.1 speaker system supports Bluetooth (the wireless interconnection technology) and is equipped with the microphone jack. In general, it will provide the quality sound during all your favorite entertainments.
    Miroslav Babitsky., May 2013.