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  • Light-weight and strong design
  • Powerful stereo sound
  • Rich bass
  • 3.5 mm (4 pin) connector for mobile devices
  • Comfortable ear cushions with leather finishing
  • PC adapter (2 × Ø 3.5 mm (3 pin))
  • Microphone and volume control on the removable cable
Technical Specifications
Headphones sensitivity, dB
105 ± 3
Microphone sensitivity, dB
-58 ± 2
Headphones frequency range, Hz
18 – 22,000
Microphone frequency range, Hz
30 – 16,000
Membrane, mm
Ø 40
Impedance, Ohm
Connection interface
Ø 3.5 mm (4 pin) input/output connector
Connector type
2 × Ø 3.5 mm (3 pin) stereo mini jack
Cable length, m
1.2 + 1 ( PC adapter)
Weight, g
Life time
2 years

SVEN Company presents a flag model in its product line of wired headsets for mobile devices: AP-750MV has been created for real connoisseurs of the qualitative sound and comfort.

AP-750MV headset combines the most up-to-date technologies of audio reproduction, high reliability and usability. You will get the maximum pleasure when using it during listening to music of any genres: deep basses and clear surrounding sound will not leave indifferent the most hard-to-please consumers. It is within its scope of abilities movies and computer games, and, of course, people, who like chatting, will be pleased with AP-750MV.

Adjustable headband framework of SVEN AP-750MV is made of metal, this headset will serve for a long time and won’t break due to its frequent use. Thanks to the soft leather finishing of ear cushions and headband it comfortably sits on the head and is suitable for long carrying. A strong removable cable in fabric braid provides additional comfort. It is connected via the audio connector of the headset, if the cable is broken down in the course of time, you won’t have to buy another headset – it can be changed for a new cable easily. If the cable of AP-750MV catches on any obstacle accidentally in a transport or on a hike, the headset will not be broken after falling to the ground: the cable will be just disconnected from the device. The sensitive microphone of the headset is located on the cable close to the volume control and call acceptance/pause button.

AP-750MV headset is a universal headset: you can work with it, study and relax in any place you wish. It is compatible with both mobile devices and with traditional personal computers. Its cable is equipped with 4 pin connector for connection to notebooks, tablet PCs, smartphones and other mobile devices. 4 pin 2 × Ø 3.5 mm (3 pin) connector (adapter) for connection to PC is included in the package content as well. You need only one headset at home, office and for long-distance travels!

SVEN AP-750MV is a practical, durable, carefully considered model with hi-fi sound quality at an attractive price.