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SVEN MS-1085

  • Can be connected to various audio devices
  • Wired remote control
  • Separate volume control of the subwoofer
  • Two-way satellites for clear FH reproduction
  • Headphones and microphone (headset) jacks on the wired remote control
  • Deep and low bass due to the bandpass device in the subwoofer
Technical Specifications
Total output power (RMS), W
Output power (RMS), W
subwoofer: 20
satellites: 26 (2 × 13)
Frequency range, Hz
subwoofer: 40 – 150
satellites: 150 – 20,000
Dimensions of subwoofer loudspeaker, mm
Ø 125
Dimensions of satellite loudspeakers, mm
Ø 25 + Ø 75
Remote control
Magnetic shielding
Connector type
Power supply
~220 V / 50 Hz
Case material
wood (MDF)
Dimensions (subwoofer), mm
266 × 246 × 187
Dimensions (satellites), mm
101 × 166 × 111
Weight, kg
Life time
5 years

Having total power of 46 W the model demonstrates very deep, low-pitched and dense bass, which often characterizes audio equipment of more professional class. Technically such an effect is often achieved due to Bandpass acoustic technology. The two-way satellites provide clear and natural sound with detailed high frequency reproduction.

Master volume level can be controlled with the wired remote control and the bass level can be tuned with a knob located on the subwoofer rear panel. An important technical feature of the system is the availability of headphones and microphone jacks built into the remote control. The user can effortlessly connect a headset directly to the speaker system.

The new product is distinguished among other models of the class by its stylish design. SVEN MS-1085 is a sample of minimalism so fashionable nowadays. Cases of the subwoofer and satellites are made of black color wood. The basis of the designer’s composition is a silver-colored circle located on the subwoofer front panel. It visually has something in common with loudspeakers of satellites, which also have silver trimming. Clear lines and laconic appearance of the model emphasize the unique image of SVEN MS-1085 system. The speaker system will look excellent in any surroundings, both at home and at the office.