SVEN AP-B500MV over-ear headphones with a microphone: A gift for thrifty music fans

If a music lover wishes to get maximum quality and convenience from headphones but is not ready to pay a fortune for them, how can one make such a person happy? With SVEN AP-B500MV wireless headphones, the task becomes very simple. In spite of the moderate price, these wireless headphones are a true 'collection of advantages', which any music fan will be happy to have.

SVEN AP-B500MV Wireless Headphones
SVEN AP-B500MV Wireless Headphones

The 40mm drivers ensure a wide frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz; the soft ear cups are comfortable to wear and provide for good passive isolation, thus allowing use of the headphones in all types of situations. Wireless connection of the headphones to the source is implemented via Bluetooth, with the off-battery operation time of up to 12 hours! Your music will always be with you. Even with a run-down battery, you will be able to connect the over-ear headphones via the supplied cable with a minijack. The elegant and neat design of SVEN AP-B500MV goes well both with a formal suit and with casual clothes. Wherever you go, you may take the headphones with you: thanks to the swivel design, they will not occupy much space, and the metal attachments will help avoid damage during carrying.

With the buttons on the right ear cup, you can easily control volume and switch between tracks; the built-in microphone allows talking over the telephone and communicating via messengers. And all these advantages of SVEN AP-B500MV are available at a really affordable price, which will be a pleasant surprise to you.