SVEN AP-B510MV over-ear headphones with a microphone: Music and communication in bright style

A non-standard and extraordinary personality needs bright headphones, which are able to emphasize the style and positive disposition of their owner. SVEN AP-B510MV are the right headphones for the purpose! For everyday use, their design is rather neat and discreet: Nobody will guess that they have a small secret inside. Once you turn on the integrated LED lighting, everything changes: you find yourself in the focus of attention, setting the tone for everything around.

SVEN AP-B510MV Wireless Headphones
SVEN AP-B510MV Wireless Headphones

Inside, the wireless headphones are no less interesting than on the outside. The 40mm drivers provide for a wide frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. The special filling of the earpads makes the headphones comfortable to wear throughout the day and ensures passive sound isolation, thus allowing you to enjoy your favorite music even in a noisy environment. Answering a call or recording a voice message for the messenger is not a problem either: the built-in microphone does the job excellently.

The buttons on one of the ear cups are used to control volume and to switch between tracks. The developers strove to provide for maximum comfort for the user. There are two ways to connect the device to the sound source. The first one, of course, is via Bluetooth. The operating time in this mode may reach 18 hours: that will certainly be enough for all day! Besides, the headphones may be connected using the cable with the minijack, which is supplied with them. The over-ear headphones have a low impedance of only 32 Ohms; thus, they will sound great when connected to any gadget. SVEN AP-B510MV will become an excellent accessory for a bright a stylish image, and will give a lot of pleasure from listening to favorite tracks and communicating. The affordable price is a separate surprise for the buyer.

The device is already available for sale in stores, and you can see it for yourself!