Remember this product
    • Protection of connected devices against high/low overvoltage in the power supply network
    • Protecting from high-frequency and impulsive noises
    • Delay on to protect against repeated failures
    • Fixed protection parameters for operation simplicity
    • The possibility of manual power-on of the load, before the expiration of the pause
    • Voltage relay status indication
    • Protective shutters in the output socket
    • Protective grounding contacts, fusible safety device 15А
    Technical Specifications
    Measured voltage, V ~100-280
    Operating frequency, Hz 50
    Maximum load current, А 15
    Maximum power, kVА 3.3
    Maximum absorbed power, J ≤125
    Maximum absorbed current of pulse distortion, A 4500
    Operation threshold to decrease power supply voltage, V 199 ± 2%
    Operation threshold to increase power supply voltage, V 252 ± 2%
    Output sockets 1× СЕЕ 7/4
    Protection actuation time, sec ≤ 0,3 sec
    Dimensions, mm 73 × 78 × 86.7
    Weight, kg 0.126
    Color white
    Life time 2 years